Encouragment: A Soccer Analogy From God on the Rapture


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Servant: www.breakingisraelnews.com/148305/biggest-supermoon-of-2020-to-appear-on-passover-an-end-of-days-omen/ Not sure if its relevant but. . . Apr 6, 2020 16:46:30 GMT -6
fitz(lurking): Paul Dawson on Kaduri prophecy holding true... www.youtube.com/watch?v=nu-sXGhhcyI Apr 6, 2020 17:55:46 GMT -6
fitz(lurking): @ Servant : what a twist of fate huh? Huddled in their homes at Passover, just like 4000 years ago, only this time, they don't have the blood on their door posts! Apr 6, 2020 17:58:44 GMT -6
EnochWalked: www.msn.com/en-us/health/health-news/a-potential-coronavirus-vaccine-funded-by-bill-gates-is-set-to-begin-testing-in-people-with-the-first-patient-expected-to-get-it-today/ar-BB12e01f "vaccine funded by Bill Gates is set to begin testing in people" Apr 6, 2020 19:54:18 GMT -6
Servant: fitz: Nice catch! If only they would see the truth. Paul makes good case about Passover. The shofar blast in the video is :D Apr 6, 2020 19:57:37 GMT -6 *
bernie: Servant, very interesting and exciting. Apr 6, 2020 19:59:12 GMT -6
bernie: fitz, thanks, I read the book "The Rabbi Who Found Messiah," but I wasn't aware of that prophecy. Apr 6, 2020 20:03:52 GMT -6
Servant: bernie: Thanks! And I heard about the Rabbi, I was surprised that he declared the Messiah is Jesus in the note released a year later. Apr 6, 2020 20:13:22 GMT -6
bora: socalexile, I am with you on your red dragon conclusion and this is Rev. 12:3-4. Apr 6, 2020 20:17:09 GMT -6
bernie: Servant, it's a great read and there's also a 2nd book by the same author (Carl Gallups) called,"The Rabbi the Secret Message and the Identity of the Messiah," which I enjoyed even more. There's also a number of YouTube videos on the subject. Apr 6, 2020 21:37:43 GMT -6 *
bernie: The 2nd book was Coauthored by Zev Porat who has a ministry (Messiah of Israel Ministries.) He's found the books have opened a lot of doors to share the Gospel in Israel. I've really been blessed by some of his YouTube videos of witnessing encounters. Apr 6, 2020 21:48:52 GMT -6
Mark: Isn't it amazing, how the condition of the world has come to this particular point and how this Passover happens to land on wed. the same day of the week that Jesus The Messiah, our Apr 6, 2020 22:08:02 GMT -6
Mark: I wasn't finished, i hit the wrong key, '' our Lord and Savior sacrificed himself for us on a Wednesday, Passover. I will be watching for an earthquake in Jerusalem at the time of Crucifixion 12 noon to 3pm and the sun to be dark from noon till 3pm Apr 6, 2020 22:17:29 GMT -6
Mark: and many of the bodies of the saints rose and went into the city on the first day of the week ( Sunday ) Apr 6, 2020 22:19:59 GMT -6
Mark: and then 40 days later they and our Lord ascended and we who are alive and remain will be caught up together to meet Our Lord in the air. Apr 6, 2020 22:29:54 GMT -6
mark: I didn't know that the Jews are considering lamb sacrifices again mmmmmmmmmmmm that wood be something, we shall see, after all these are very special times and it is almost Passover. Apr 6, 2020 23:25:24 GMT -6
mark: God Bless everyone in Jesus The Christ Our lord Apr 6, 2020 23:26:36 GMT -6
fitz: Thank you Mark. Sure feels like the time is now. Apr 7, 2020 5:01:20 GMT -6
fitz: You've never seen this scene on the eve of Passover. www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/israel/jerusalem-district/jerusalem/western-wall.html Apr 7, 2020 6:27:23 GMT -6
EnochWalked: forecast.israelinfo.co.il/kineret "The water level of the Kinneret is 0.30 meters lower from ... maximum capacity" "wave height 30-50 cm". The waves are consistently over the maximum capacity. Another 3 weeks and they'll have to drain it. Apr 7, 2020 8:35:07 GMT -6
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