1/21/18 The Eclipse & Rev 12 - Rapture Connection?


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EnochWalked: The list also includes "identification card" and "hamsa", which Wikipedia describes as "a palm-shaped amulet popular throughout the Maghreb and in the Middle East ... Depicting the open right hand, an image recognized and used as a sign of protection" Sept 16, 2021 18:33:37 GMT -6
bernie: Ultraviolet blast! Ozone hole over South Pole is larger than Antarctica and is the biggest since 1979 – Disastrous effects for human health, food production, ocean life!: strangesounds.org/2021/09/ozone-hole-larger-than-antarctica-and-biggest-sinc Sept 17, 2021 11:25:26 GMT -6
bernie: NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Rejects Religious Exemptions for COVID-19 Vaccines, Urges Facebook to Censor Pro-Life Posts: Sept 17, 2021 11:37:05 GMT -6 *
bernie: www.christianheadlines.com/contributors/milton-quintanilla/ny-gov-kathy-hochul-rejects-religious-exemptions-for-covid-19-vaccines-urges-facebook-to-censor-pro-life-posts.html Sept 17, 2021 11:41:35 GMT -6
EnochWalked: www.timesofisrael.com/health-ministry-chief-says-coronavirus-spread-reaching-record-heights/ '“That is a record that did not exist in the previous waves,” including the massive third wave at the end of last year.' Sept 17, 2021 15:39:23 GMT -6
EnochWalked: 'Israel has been battling to control a resurgence of COVID-19 in what has been its fourth wave of infections since the start of the global pandemic.' 'the Health Ministry was working on the assumption that it will ... need to deal with a fifth wave' Sept 17, 2021 15:40:14 GMT -6
EnochWalked: 'On Sunday, several ministers were overheard prior to a cabinet meeting saying that some coronavirus-related restrictions were only aimed at incentivizing vaccination, rather than driving down morbidity.' Sept 17, 2021 15:40:38 GMT -6
EnochWalked: The more the world puts its faith in the vaccine, and the more it coerces others to adopt such short-sighted values, the more it is reminded that it is not in control. Israel had one of the fastest vax rollouts, and now leads on infection rate instead. Sept 17, 2021 15:44:33 GMT -6
EnochWalked: www.wantedinrome.com/news/italy-workers-with-no-green-pass-face-suspension-without-pay.html "The Italian government has brought in sweeping restrictions that will require all workers, in both the public and private sector, to have a Green Pass, ... Sept 17, 2021 15:50:44 GMT -6
EnochWalked: ... a certificate showing that people have been vaccinated, tested negative or recovered from covid-19." Each time a country passes a law like this, it emboldens the next one to try something more extreme and oppressive. Sept 17, 2021 15:51:52 GMT -6
EnochWalked: "Those who ignore the restrictions and go to their workplace without a Green Pass risk fines of between €600 and €1,500. Businesses who fail to carry out checks risk fines of between €400 and €1,000." Fining the workers more than companies? Lobbying pays. Sept 17, 2021 15:54:10 GMT -6
EnochWalked: "Unvaccinated employees can still enter the workplace but only if they undergo a covid test every 48 hours at a fixed cost of €15." So if you work 5 days a week, you need to pay €45 per week. (Minimum wages in some sectors are €7 per hour, apparently.) Sept 17, 2021 15:58:08 GMT -6
bernie: Seven Possible Causes Of The Next Financial Crisis: www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=4965 Sept 18, 2021 10:30:54 GMT -6
bernie: Personal Carbon Allowances?: www.treehugger.com/time-to-consider-personal-carbon-allowances-5201193 Sept 18, 2021 10:32:32 GMT -6
bernie: Terrifying sandstorm changes day into night and turns sky blood red in Algeria: strangesounds.org/2021/09/algeria-sky-turns-blood-red-video-pictures-terrifying-sandstorm.html Sept 18, 2021 10:34:00 GMT -6
boymaker3: The FB page has really brought out a lot of odd beliefs, including a RIP for someone another called a "heretic". What is the "Great Revival"? Do average Christians believe in Soul Sleep or is this a denominational thing? It's turning WEIRD. Sept 18, 2021 14:11:11 GMT -6
EnochWalked: Good questions, boym, and thank you for wading into that strange place. The mention of "Great Revival" reminds me of en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Awakening and makes me wonder when or if we might see another wave of that. Perhaps it's too late. Sept 18, 2021 14:19:26 GMT -6
boymaker3: I have literally blocked two people on that FB Page. Now we have a young man who reeks of Prosperity Gospel promoting his ministry. I just can't wait to get to Heaven when we have ONE understanding of God. I'm getting confrontational there. Gotta stop Sept 18, 2021 21:22:31 GMT -6
EnochWalked: If the page is coming under attack like that, it suggests there are spiritual reasons for it being targeted. That's definitely something we should pray about, & I'm grateful for your service to lost & confused souls there. Be careful, & keep being a light. Sept 18, 2021 23:05:58 GMT -6
bernie: Gay Swedish Priest Vows He Will Not Marry Straight Couples: www.breitbart.com/europe/2021/09/19/gay-swedish-priest-vows-he-will-not-marry-straight-couples/ Sept 19, 2021 11:53:07 GMT -6
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